Accredited Courses

No Fuckery Just Magick is NOW ACCREDITED! 

I have - for years - wanted to become an accredited trainer in all things Witchy and Spiritual. 

Accrediting you basically means I provide you with training (which would all be done online via PDF training, where you will have Quiz sections and knowledge base questions etc) I can then mark your work and progress and if you PASS we can discuss at which level this would be. So it could be Merit, Diploma or Certified. 

This then gives you the ability - when I provide you with a shiny certificate - to be able to take it to an insurance company to be qualified and insured in the area of your training!



The FIRST Accredited Course will be released JUNE 2020 and if you want to be in the know - use the contact form below and the info will be emailed to you as it is released so you get first peek. 

I look forward to working with you!