Affiliate Programme

An exciting opportunity has arisen for you to join as an affiliate for both Holistic Services and  No Fuckery Just Magick, this means you can earn from me as we GROW TOGETHER. 

So - how does it work? 

Holistic Services - No Fuckery Just Magick offers:

-Sonya's Spell Corner
-The Coven 
-Spiritual Coaching 

Accredited Courses 

In a nutshell - you promote the services, you gain sales from it, you are given a unique ID code for your customers and clients to pop into the additional comments 
at the checkout. 

It's that simple 

How much do you earn? 
20% off anything you sell, postage prices are excluded as I would need this to be able to post an order 

If you promote The Coven, this is a monthly 20%  providing the person you have brought into it sticks to their monthly payments to me. 

Does it cost for me to join? 

Yes, to join the Affiliate Programme is £5.00 - if I offered this for FREE you would not take it seriously as I have learnt this over the years and eventually as we 
grow together I want to have a full back office affiliate system in place, so if you come in now, you will be with me for the journey and hopefully I will be in a  
position to up that 20% for you 

Can I earn from bringing people into the Affiliate Programme? 
Yes absolutely, you earn 20% of the £5.00

You also receive a discount code for 10% off anything you want to personally purchase from the website, again with a gradual increase as we grow together, this 
discount code will be emailed to you - along with a Welcome Pack with some information in and T's and C's etc. 

When will I be paid? 
This can be discussed, you can choose monthly, weekly, as and when you make a sale (please allow a few hours for payment if I am not in my "office") and you can be 
paid into your bank or PayPal, whatever works for you 

Is this MLM? 
No, there is no team building, no targets, nothing like that - you promote as and when and you will earn depending on the effort you put into it - I won't push you 
or be up your ass, you do it as you would like too. 

As soon as I have signed am I good to go? 
Pretty much, I will email you to welcome you and to give you your AFFID and answer any questions you may have but yes absolutely you can get cracking as soon 
as you want too.