Angelic Reiki is a beautiful, calming experience. Perfect for if the stress of the week, the month, the year have been causing. Angelic Reiki allows you to be surrounded by poisitive, uplifting and free flowing energy bringing that calm back into your life. Inner and outer peace is so important to have tight hold of and when we lose our peace, usually to other people, we find that everyday becomes harder to balance those emotions. 


Angelic Reiki is carried out via distance at this time due to covid-19, so we are able to carry out this session over call or video, whatever your preference may be. 


Sessions last around 30 minutes and will begin with a small breathing meditation to allow you to relax and become attuned with your inner self again, we will then move on to your chakras and as i go through each of these with you the exchange of energy will begin. 


Reiki is a powerful exchange of energy so please ensure before the session you drink some water and after the session that you drink water too, simply to avoid what i call an energy headache. 


Once you have checked out i will then come to you and email you so we can arrange a time and date that is good for you. 

Angelic Reiki