This spell will include Reiki Healing which as all of my spells are, are sent by using universal energy. 

Being open to receiving this energy is so important and if you book this spell I know you are completely open to it, I will send you details via email of the best way for you to be accept and receive this energy. 

The spell itself will be pictured once I have cast it and I do each and every spell individually and personally, no two spells are the same and they are done with you in mind and your personal circumstances.

Once I have cast the spell I will then send you a picture of it in action, instructions of how to receive the energy and also I will send you a mini chakra reading to identify where the spell needs to implement into your life.

All of this is sent via email - please ensure you give me the correct email address for you and it is a current email that you use. 

The spell itself will focus on your chakra points and it will align and unblock and cleanse you and align your chakras back into place.

If you are feeling under the weather, lethargic, stressed, un-aligned, fed up, feel like you are procrastinating and just generally do not feel like you are functioning on all cylinders then this is the spell for you - it will help you remove any suppression, remove any negativity and remove anything that no longer serves you. 

If you have been referred by an affiliate, please enter their AFF ID in the comments 

Spells will be fulfilled within 72 hours of booking along with the reading 

Chakra Clearing Spell