What are you holding onto that is not serving you a purpose? 

It could be something deep rooted and something you have suppressed for some time, it could be a feeling, an emotion, a situation, something that you know you have held on to but you really struggle to just let go. 


Things like this really can affect the way we live day to day, whether it be the habits we pick up or whether it be the way we deal with things or do things - they affect us. 


To release this sometimes it takes more than an intention and this is where the spell comes in. 


I will cast your spell for you - and send you a picture of it in action, i will cast this spell personally for each and every one of you, no two spells will be the same and your situations, feelings, thoughts and emotions will be taken into consideration. If you know what you need to release and cut ties from then please leave this in the comments section at checkout for me. If you do not know, don't panic - you get an EXTRA with this reading - you will also receive from me a mini shadow spread so i can see what you are suppressing, why your suppressing it and to give you guidance moving forward on how to align the spell and action together to make this shit even more powerful than before. 


All of this happens within 72 hours of you booking the spell and payments being received. 


I will send your spell in action and your mini shadow read to your email so please ensure you have given me this at checkout if the email you use is not the same as the one you checked out with 


If you have been referred by an affiliate please enter their AFF ID in the comments section too for me 


Let's get them ties cut 


Cutting Ties Spell