Sometimes you know you need guidance but you don't know in what area - this general tarot spread will tune directly into your energy and deliver the answers needed to give you that guidance. 


There is no card limit on this reading, you could end up with 3 cards or 21 - i will always allow the cards to jump out and reveal themselves and will not stop this flow when i reach a certain amount of cards, what comes out is what will be delivered. 


All readings will be delivered via email within 72 hours, please ensure i have your correct email address at checkout 


If you have been referred by an affiliate - please ensure you enter their ID in the additional comments at checkout. 


-If you have chosen to receive your reading via video call I will email you and we will arrange a good time and date to deliver your reading for you 

-Audio emails arrive as a audio file to your email that you can store and listen back too, this arrives within 72 hours 

-PDF arrives email and is in written PDF format, this arrives within 72 hours 



General Tarot Reading

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