This course is made for complete beginners to the Tarot and Oracle world. 


Requirements: Must have Tarot or Oracle Cards, or be willling to purchase Tarot and Oracle cards. 


What will this course cover: 


-Grounding and Protecting Yourself 

-How to prepare your space and cast your circle 

-How to choose cards when buying them 

-How to really feel connected with your cards

-Energy and how the cards "jump"out 

-How to shuffle your cards 

-The difference between Tarot and Oracle 

-Tarot suits made easy 

-Laying cards for yourself 

-Layouts and practise 

-Building the courage to lay for others 

-How to store your cards safely 

-Time to practise 


The course has several areas where you have the opportunity to practise 

There is no rush, you take it all in your own time and own space 


A certificate will be provided once you have finished the course to indicate that I think you are ready to take on Tarot and Oracle Readings not only for yourself but for the public 


You will get 1:1 support where needed 


PLEASE NOTE: there is a test reading in here, please be aware of this, if you do not complete the test reading you will not be given your certificate 



How to Read Tarot and Oracle Cards