This reading is carried out using 3 sets of cards, Tarot, Past Life and Numerology card searching different aspects of your life to ensure your Karmic Circle is all good. 


The reading will cover: 


-past life lesson learned 

-past life lesson yet to be learned 

-karma that still needs to be worked out 

-most important lesson in this life 

-helpful influences 

-things to avoid 


At any point in your life you want your Karmic Circle to be clear enabling you to create your fate and destiny the way that will work out for your higher good. 


Check out the online workshop section on the website to access - Mastering Fate, Karma and Destiny, a workshop that is online so you can work through at your own pace showing you how to take control of your life using the 12 rules of Karma. 


**all readings will be delivered withi 72 hours to the email provided 

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Karma Reading

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