A Money Spell will be cast with only your best interests at heart, the gift of abundance is ripe and the spell will be cast with this in mind your spell will be done on a personal level, no two spells cast will be the same. 


Once your spell is underway i will send you a picture of your spell and also your mini financial reading that you will receive from me personally. 


While the Spell is underway all I ask is that you are open to receiving and in your email will be a few instructions on how to do a breathing meditation so the energy can reach you - i will also email you with a tip when using money spells so you can track the progress and changes from the spells energy that will enter your life. Sometimes it's small changes that you do not see that can make the biggest difference to your finanical situation. 


If you have been referred by an affiliate, please enter their AFF ID in the comments Spells will be fulfilled within 72 hours of booking along with the reading


Please double check your email address so I have access to the correct email

Money Spell