Made using organic Rose Water, organic Vitamin E Oil,  organic Witch Hazel and a blend of 100% pure Essential Oils Rose Geranium,  Frankincense and Lemon. 


A refreshing facial toner, ideal to wake up the skin on a morning, or even to refresh your face on an evening. 


Shake the bottle before use to ensure the Oils have a good blend together 

Close your eyes and spray a few cm's away from the face 

Allow the mist to settle on your face, do not rub this in there is no need too, allow it to settle in its own time 

Perfect to team up with the Organic Moisturiser to ensure the moisture is fully locked into your skin 


None agravating ingredients and all natural so will be ideal for sensitive skin and skin that is prone to breakouts, excema or even dry patches. 

Organic Facial Toner