Due to Covid 19 - these sessions will be carried out via distance, over Whatsapp or Facebook Video | can be done via call as well with no video involved


The sessions will last around 60  minutes and will begin with a small meditation to allow you to settle and calm your energy, we will then move onto the healing. 


Throughout the healing I am going to focus on your Shadow side, the things you hold inside, the things that hurt you and cause you pain emotionally, the things you mask over. 


I will pull cards from the Chakra cards and I will focus on these areas for each of your seven chakra points, taking a few minutes inbetween to allow you to really focus on these things and intake the energy. 


If any of the areas trigger anything and emotions come to the surface please allow this to release - it's time to let go of anything you are holding onto. 




Please book in, choose your preference of video or phone call (everyone is different) - i will then contact you via email to choose a time and date that is good for you. 


i need you to be able to calm and relax for 60 minutes with no interuptions so if your children need to be in bed before we can carry out the Reiki, i can accomadate this for you. 




Reiki is an exchange of energy and can be extremely powerful, please ensure you rest and drink plenty of water before and after the session to prevent what is called an energy headache.







Shadow Reiki - inclusive of a Chakra Reading