This beauty is valued at £40.00 and has 4 readings in one and what makes it better? 

One of those readings is absolutely FREE! 


What do you get? 

-Past and Present Reading, this will allow me to sense habits and suppression 

-an in-depth Future Reading so you can see what is coming up for you 

-an in-depth Love Reading, is that special someone entering your life? 


PLUS you can add on a FREE 


-Chakra Reading which identify any blockages in your system, the reasons why and how to unblock these areas 




- a Soul Reading, which will give me some insight of what your soul needs right now and guidance offered alongside this 


Choose your option from the below drop down menus. 


NOW, the catch? 


There is only 3 spaces OPEN! 

These readings take over 2 hours to deliver in PDF format which will be sent to your email, realistically i can only do one per day alongside the other readings i need to do. Once i have completed the 3 within the 72 hour time frame i will re-open spaces and let you know! 

The Big One