This reading is for all you Witches who have yet to discover your power and how to use them, uncovering: 


- your Witchy powers 

- how to embrace yourself as a mystical being 

- a way that you can practise your magick 

- how you gain more Witchy knowledge 

- how you can be of service to others 


Please choose how you would like the reading delivered from the options below and the reading will be delivered within 72 hours of booking 


-If you have chosen to receive your reading via video call I will email you and we will arrange a good time and date to deliver your reading for you 

-Audio emails arrive as a audio file to your email that you can store and listen back too, this arrives within 72 hours 

-PDF arrives email and is in written PDF format, this arrives within 72 hours 

The Inner Witch Spread

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