Joining Darceys will be the best decision you make this side of Christmas, with many things happening with the NEW 2020 SCENTS, the NEW comp plan, NEW hostess gift rewards and NEW lines being added there has never been a better time to give this a go. 

If you are already a candle or wax melt lover then let me tell you, you are in for a treat, with the MANY different ranges we offer you won't be dissapointed. 

I will leave the online brochure link for you to have a peep at - the NEW lines are in here along with the new pricing structure. 




With things this fresh and exciting there is room for all. Joining my team means you are joining a no pressure team, if you can truly see the potential of yourself and of Darceys then you are in the right place. Daily updates keep you in the loop of what is NEW and upcoming and the team are a beautiful fucking bunch - i am very blessed. 

There's 4 options when joining Darceys now: 

-come in FREE

-£25.00 kit 

-£45.00 kit 

-£145.00 kit 

No pressure from me which kit you choose, IF you choose one, you can still come in free and still access everything exact the same as any other team member. 

If you want to sign up to see what it's all about - then use the following link. Create your account and begin to receive your 25% discount off the website immediately! 

Use Ambassador name: Charlotte Waite when signing up.